Crystal broke cycle of abuse with Sarah’s Inn

Crystal began working with a Sarah’s Inn advocate after experiencing physical, emotional, and verbal abuse from her boyfriend for over 6 years.


When she fled the relationship and tried to seek safety in a family member’s home, he continued to call and text her. When she would not respond to his messages, he began sharing private information with their friends and family. He would “love bomb” her by sending her gifts to the family member’s home and would enlist friends to do “wellness checks” on her.


With her Sarah’s Inn advocate, they began to talk through the cycle of violence. She learned how perpetrators of violence use power and control. They worked together to create a physical and emotional safety plan. Her advocate was also able to provide her with guidance and resources on how to advocate for herself at work, as the harassment was interfering with her ability to work.


Crystal is now beginning to heal after years of abuse. She has found support from her family and employer, which has allowed her to begin the next chapter of her life free from violence.


Sarah’s Inn has provided this help since 1980 and works with people in Chicago and the western suburbs.

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